Kakao Biz Message

DHN, the official Kakao Talk dealer, provides Notification Talk & Friend Talk service based on its expertise in the message field.

notification talk

Spam stress-free informative messages

Send informational messages such as order, payment, and delivery via Notification Talk without spam stress. t is cheaper than text messages and can increase customer satisfaction with KakaoTalk's unique features such as the Kakao authentication mark and various function buttons in the message.

friend talk

Targeting Messages for Corporate Marketing

Send personalized marketing messages to target customers by linking with CRM, commerce, and logistics systems. You can maximize the marketing effect by sending an efficient message.

advertising message API
Advertising messages can be sent to users who have added the Kakao Channel.

targeting message
You can send advertisement messages based on the customer's member phone number.

알림톡 친구톡 상세 비교
separation notification talk friend talk
Ship to Kakao Talk users
Outgoing Classification Kakao Talk Channel(customer company)
Receiver Recipient's phone number Recipient's phone number (KakaoTalk channel addition target)
text content informational message
*Message content requires Kakao approval
informationality + advertising message
*No overnight delivery(20:00 ~ next day 08:00)
text form text type(1,000 characters) + link button maximum 5 text type(1,000 characters) + image type(1) + text(400)
Common information - Notification Talk/Friend Talk Support for sending text messages when sending fails
- It can be used in a form suitable for the customer's environment(Client server linkage / Use the web package / API support)
- Provides an admin page for template registration, statistics, and monitoring

Notification Talk & Friend Talk the procedure for using the service is as follows.



Inquiries and consultations

number of messages sent and pricing



Service usage check

Message content/send time, etc.



Contract and training

Contract writing and training



Create Kakao ID

Create KakaoTalk Channel ID



service open

Message send test and inspection service opened