AI Genie

Sales check! store promotion! at once ‘Genie’ one is ok!

Genie, a smart store management system, guarantees reasonable cost and high marketing effect with Kakao Biz Message.

AI 스마트 매장관리시스템 지니 이미지

Real-time store status check

[ No complicated installation required. Easy to use ]

Real-time sales status, Visitor's current situation, customer management, You can even manage online publicity with Genie.

Make your own smart flyers

[ # Feel free to use the templates too! # free # No worries about copyright ]

Easy design by selecting the template you want and making your own. Increase sales through various promotions such as SNS/text promotions, and POP printing for stores!

AI 스마트 매장관리시스템 지니 이미지

Notification Talk, Friend Talk, text message promotion

[ Genie & Kakao Biz Message ]

DHN, the official Kakao Talk dealer, provides notification and text services based on its expertise in the message field.