The hydrogen platform ZEVI

Changwon City Hydrogen Electric Vehicle Service Platform “ZEVI”(Zero Emission Vehicle Information)

Through the introduction of “Kakao notification Talk” and “Changwon Hydrogen Charging Service,” ZEVI provides more convenient and quicker customized services and benefits to Changwon citizens who use hydrogen charging stations. Through this, it is a platform to take the lead in enhancing the image of “Changwon, a city of hydrogen refueling”.

User introduction function

Location-based charging station information

Real-time charging standby information

LIVE CCTV screen information

Charging reservation system application

One-touch navigation function

Report status

report function

Easy payment function installed Payback function installed

Manager introduction function

Admin APP, WEB construction

Integrated management of ON, OFF line payment

Integrated customer notification system for real-time issues (failure/standby, etc.)

Integrated settling management system

A.I. Automation system through CCTV

Charge scheduler system


ZEVI core values

[ ZEVI is a service that provides various communication tools and entertainment in real time. ]

Promotion of convenience for Changwon citizens

Building a leading position in the hydrogen brand power in Changwon

Promotional means of new hydrogen charging service

Simplification of operation and management tasks (integrated sales system and real-time management)

Changwon hydrogen car expansion

aising awareness of the hydrogen image of Changwon citizens

Providing information on hydrogen vehicles